IMG_20200320_155332It was a pleasant sunny day. We rolled across the border to Canada about noon on Friday. You could count the number of cars headed north and south at the Pacific Highway crossing on the fingers of one hand.

The border guards changed shifts just as we were going to pull up to the booth. The new guard took a few minutes to spray and wipe down everything inside the booth, then waved us forward. In addition to the usual questions, he asked if we were aware of the corona virus situation, questioned us about any symptoms we might have, and gave us an information sheet describing the symptoms, who to contact if we had any, and listing a number of precautions we should take, including a request to self-isolate for the next 14 days.

We had no symptoms and had already been avoiding contact with other people as much as possible since we left Mexico two weeks earlier – and especially during the last week or so as we headed up the west coast of the US.

He returned our documents and we were home.

Now we are tucked under the trees near Cultus Lake. It’s a pleasant place to enjoy a little solitude. We look out the windows at the other campers. I think they’ve figured out that we’re not just anti-social hermits.

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