Yavaros is a fishing port with a population of about 4000. It’s located at the end of a spit of land about 12 miles from where we are staying at El Mirador.

There are many little seafood restaurants and cevicherias that dot the roadway in this area, many of them just a rustic palapa with a few tables and chairs. During of the week most of them are deserted or closed, but on Sundays they are surrounded by parked cars and tables are full.

We decided on Yavaros as our seafood Sunday destination. It would allow us to explore the area a bit — and what better place to eat seafood than a fishing port.

We drove through desolate countryside and eventually it turned into the trees, shops, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians of Yavaros. A white municipal police van rolled by in the other direction, Policia boldly painted on its side with a paintbrush. After taking a quick look around the town, we pulled into a space among the cluster of cars in front of Benny’s. It was one of many seafood restaurants that popped up on our Google map and perhaps one of the more upscale ones.

We missed entrance door in the colourful front wall and wandered in through the kitchen door and then into the restaurant. Long tables looked out onto a small inlet crowded with fishing boats and seabirds. A guitarist serenaded the patrons.

We ordered a couple of Pacificos and looked over the menu choices. Margaret settled on the breaded shrimp and, after seeing one delivered to another table, I got a cheeseburger. Not exactly seafood, but it was my first cheeseburger in paradise.

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