We spent two months at Las Jaibas RV Park in Mazatlan.

While we like the idea of settling down in one place for an extended period, both Margaret and I tend to get ‘itchy feet’ after a couple of months. Must be the nomad in us.

The park was friendly but not overly busy with organized social activities. That might be because it was quite empty during our entire stay. Apparently there was a lot of construction on both sides of the park last season and it became something of a dustbowl. People left. When they do that, they often don’t come back.

Like most Mexican swimming pools, the one here was unheated. A little brisk but we enjoyed our swims.

The beach was about a block-and-a-half away — an easy walk, or you could drive there.

There are lots of supermarkets within a short drive but we still had a fruit & veggie vendor come by three times a week along with a seafood vendor. A Kiosko convenience store just outside the gate made it very convenient to pick up fresh milk, which we enjoy with our morning coffee (actually more of a cafe-au-lait).

Bus service outside the gate was frequent. It was a great way to get into the city and, for 11 pesos a trip (about 80 cents Canadian), inexpensive. Of course, the cabs, pulmonias, and red trucks would take you around for a bit more money.

With all the condo development that is going on, this park has changed from being in the middle of a mini-jungle to a suburban RV park. There is less wildlife here now but the iguanas still wander about and noisy Chakalakas fly and run about along with other smaller birds.

It cost us US$485 a month to stay here including power and wifi (at the office). We’d be happy to come back.

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