002After three months back home in Surrey, BC, we are ready to go… somewhere. We like getting back on the road again, waking up to new sights, sounds, and neighbours.

I think we have decided that two months in any one place is long enough. Then the itch feet syndrome starts up again.

imageUsually I’m exploring maps long before. While Google Maps has replaced the messy pile of maps I used to have unfolded all over the table, the exercise is still the same: where to next. Find new destinations? Explore routes not travelled before? Revisit old familiar haunts? Yes, all of these!

087We started off easy: a short stay at Birch Bay, WA, and then the holiday weekend at Cultus Lake, BC.

024It gave us a chance to see how the landscape has changed and get reacquainted with old friends. The weather has been perfect.

I’m looking forward to the rest of summer.


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