065It’s been forever since I was last at a circus. It may have been back when I was in elementary school.

So yesterday we went to the Royal Canadian Circus. They had pitched their tent at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds here in Surrey, BC., with performances this weekend. After that they are moving to Vancouver for following weekend, then on to Abbotsford, further up the Fraser Valley, working their way across Canada. I find it hard to imagine setting up and breaking down that tent every week. I guess that’s life in the circus.

Our lineup funneled in the door, past the concessions, and into the one-ring main tent. We settled into some seats as the circus crew was still setting up for the show.

018Then the lights dimmed, the music blared, and the Ringmaster strode to the centre of the ring, his outfit sparkling in the spotlight.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls,” he began.

And then I was lost in a haze of flashing lights, dancing, climbing, swinging, and twirling. Acrobats up high, prancing horses, tightrope walkers, and motorcycles roaring around inside an impossibly small metal sphere. I yelled and cheered and clenched my fists waiting for someone to fall off the high wire. I laughed at the silly antics of Piolita the clown.

Pictures really can’t capture it. You have to be in the midst of it. If you can – go!




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