002Well, we’re back in Canada.

The trip was pretty fast, but not because of any emergency. It’s like… once I’ve decided I’m going home, I just want to get there. Which is kind of funny because even as we were barreling north, I was already planning our next trip.


Photo courtesy of the Evergreen Museum

I lost interest in making any excursions or side trips along the way. (I have, for example, wanted to see Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose. You can find it along a secondary highway between Portland and Salem, Oregon, close to one of our overnight stops. Maybe next time, on our way south.)

I did keep to my general rules – we had fairly leisurely starts in the morning and we were camped for the night before the sun went down. (Of course, this was easier to do now that the days have been getting longer.)


Bakersfield. Enjoying the palm trees while we still can.

The trip itself was pretty uneventful. We stayed at some comfortably familiar stops along the way. We have sort of a ‘short list’ of places that we have compiled over the years – overnight stops that are conveniently spaced for the trip and that we like.


Settled in at the Keizer OR Elks Lodge

After a night in Bakersfield and then the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning (a great place to boondock – but they do have an RV park, too) we left California and climbed over the Sisikiyou Pass – the last of the mountain driving on this trip. The top of the pass was where we saw the only snow of the winter. (We try to practice ‘snow avoidance’. We have tire chains for the motorhome but, like Margaret says, “They’re brand new, in the box – and staying that way.”)



The Elks Lodge in Keizer, OR, (on the north edge of Salem) was our next stop and from there we drove to Birch Bay, just a stone’s throw from the Canadian border.

Now that we’re back, we can appreciate the good things about being home – and also the good things of having been away.


Rain. Vancouver broke a 61 year rainfall record this March.


Dim sum. Yummm!


Watching curling on TV again.


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