001We have an older Coleman BBQ that does a wonderful job of cooking. You can swap out the grill for a flattop – terrific for breakfasts. It’s side burner is one of the hottest I run across. When you’re done, it packs up into a small carry bag.

You can imagine how sad I was when the stand it was sitting on toppled over one day and the the BBQ landed right on the little propane supply tube. Broke it. Propane hissed into the air instead of fuelling the grill.

013It would be a shame to throw the whole thing out – I wondered if there was such a place as a BBQ scrapyard where you could search for old parts for your grill.

So, you can also imagine how delighted I was when my first Internet search showed that I could buy a brand new replacement part. At the closest Walmart, yet. Picked it up a couple of hours later.

Bring on the steak!


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